I’m Emily and I’ve decided to start writing some things down. I began my PhD in January and thought it might be nice to keep a bit of an informal record of what’s going on. Other than that, there’s no real aim. I’m just here to enjoy myself and share the madness that is PhD life.

I should probably tell you a bit about myself. I was born and bred in the North East of England then upped and left for Wales. In 2018, I graduated from Aberystwyth University with a Master’s degree in Astrophysics having also spent the last semester studying Arctic Geophysics in Svalbard. It was a wild ride, let me tell you that. After giving myself some well needed rest over the summer, I started my PhD in Astrochemistry at the University of Sussex in January, 2019. I’m shocked that 9 months have passed already. How did that happen!?

To stop this sounding like a CV, let me tell you the more important things you should know. I love ABBA, mushrooms and dancing. Not that I can dance very well but you absolutely bet that won’t stop me. Every now and then I try to draw or go out with my camera. I can’t let that creative side die, especially since I have to be so methodical in my every day life. My favourite song is Rasputin by Boney M, I could read Lord of the Rings for the rest of my life and I really love beetroot.

So, that’s a brief introduction to me. I’m not sure what’s going to happen but I hope I can keep this up and see where it goes.

See ya later!

Emily 🙂

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